Great news for Forex traders…
"You Are About To Annihilate Every Problem That’s Been Holding You Back From Making A Solid Six-Figure Living Trading Forex Right Here And Now"

Can you really make six or even seven figures a year trading Forex?

Even if you have a full-time job?

Yes, you can. 

I know that because other people just like you are doing exactly that…

And you can too!

Yet chances are, if you are reading this, you are not making anywhere near that. Yet!
And it’s not your fault.
The problem is simply that no one has ever shared what I am about to share with you right now…
  • The secret strategies that mega-wealthy traders whisper about in private settings with other rich elite traders.
  • The tools they use to slash risk and send profits through the roof.
  • The mindset that you must have if you are ever going to make six or seven figures trading.
And that ends right now.
  • If you are fed up with systems and strategies that don’t… and never did work.
  • Maybe you have trusted fake gurus who talk a good game but couldn’t trade their way out of a wet paper bag…
  • ​And AI “solutions” created by some snot-nosed kid coding bullshit in his parent's basement.

I am also going to share the things that kill your chances of ever becoming a wealthy trader.

And that ends right now.
If you absolutely - positively – have to get this right or give up on your dream…
Then you will want to hear everything I am about to share with you right now.
First though, a disclaimer…
Most people will not make any money from anything I am about to share with you because they won’t do anything with this information.
That or, they will think they can tweak and change these things around, thinking they have a better way.
If that’s you, just stop reading now.
First though, a disclaimer…
This is for people who want to know about a proven path to making bigger profits in less time trading the Forex market.

First… we have to address the elephant in the room.

You don’t have enough of this one thing and it’s not money…
Most people who trade the forex market all have one thing in common…
They have a full-time job and don’t have time to learn complicated trading strategies.
This is one of the biggest differences between you and wealthy full-time traders…
They spend all day – every day – 100% focused on their trading.
Something you probably don’t have the luxury of doing.
You are trying to balance work, life, and trading… 

That is why what I am about to share with you may be the most important information about trading you have ever heard…

Because I have spent the past six months laser-focused on the biggest problems we retail traders face and how to solve them.
I have read your emails and talked with many of you to try to answer your one big burning question…
What is holding you back from making a consistent six-figure income from trading the Forex market?
After spending hours poring over mountains of data that include everything from surveys to what the most successful traders on earth are currently doing…
I believe I have found the missing link that could make you profitable once and for all.

You have zero time for… or interest in… things that don’t work.

Today I want to share some things to help you accomplish one of two things faster than anything else that I am aware of that could…
  • Make you between $150k and $250k a year that you can use to quit your job and live comfortably on just your trading income…
  • Or you could keep working and reinvest those profits to create one hell of a nest egg for retirement that will ensure you can afford to enjoy it. 
You can also have your cake and eat it too on this one…
You could find a balance between the two and live on half your profits while re-investing the other half, as many people have done.
My job today is to show you how to make either of these scenarios happen quickly and almost effortlessly.

You are about to uncover some little-known secrets that will annihilate almost every trading problem you have…

  • Some of these are simple changes you can easily make on your own that will greatly increase your profits starting today.
  • Others are a bit more involved, which is why I am going to provide you with everything you need to make them with almost zero effort on your part.
I will do the heavy lifting on all of these because I know one of the biggest challenges you face is not having enough time.
  • You will also be getting some amazing tools for free today that will make your success as a trader much faster and easier.
  • ​Including some highly profitable systems, that have never been made available at any price until today.
  • ​All of these have been designed to help you make more money, more consistently, and in less time

First, let's address not having enough time to trade…

Some of you may remember this castle and the story associated with it…
If not, then let me briefly share it again so that you understand the reasoning behind why I want to help you today…
It started almost 20 years ago in a Scottish castle where a small group of wealthy individuals met to talk about trading the markets in some extremely unconventional ways.
They didn’t want to settle for the paltry returns most people were making...
- They wanted to find ways to beat the market at its own game to make insane money.
- They wanted to re-invent the wheel when it came to trading... Not an easy undertaking.
What was once just an idea shared by a handful of individuals, whom many people at the time called dreamers, has now become a financial force to be reckoned with...
I was fortunate to be at that first meeting yet that’s not where this story ends…
It’s only the beginning…
What you are going to see today would not exist had that meeting never happened.
We would not have spent the past 13 years finding and developing the systems, strategies, and solutions that have helped thousands of traders be more profitable.
Yet I was not able to share much of what was talked about in those meetings until now.
We all agreed to an NDA when it came to the group's biggest revelations…
The reason I can share it now is because everyone in the group has either already retired or is about to.
I have finally gotten permission to share every money-making secret ever discussed.

This knowledge will give you an almost clairvoyant superpower over the market and could annihilate every obstacle standing in your way of making big consistent profits.

Including one strategy that is damn near 100% foolproof and makes money hand over fist.
Best of all it can do it in a fraction of the time it would take you to achieve success without it.
It makes it possible to place trades that make returns like this in just minutes…

$1,846.00 in 29 minutes

In just a minute I will show you more examples of trades executed in mere minutes that have made even bigger profits.

The main point here is that it no longer takes hours staring at the hard right edge of the screen to make thousands of dollars in profit.

With the tools I will share with you today, it’s now possible to make big returns in a fraction of the time.
It is still 100% mechanical trading. No bots or AI are involved. 

These are simply secret hacks that make trading a whole lot faster, easier, and more accurate.

Here’s how…
Every wealthy trader I know has systems, strategies, and processes in place that they seldom if ever deviate from.
That’s because they have spent years perfecting their trading and trust in systems and strategies that they know work.
It is still 100% mechanical trading. No bots or AI are involved. 
The FX Annihilation Method is far more than just another system.
It incorporates everything we’ve learned over the past 13 years about trading safely, responsibly, and profitably. It is designed to remove every roadblock standing in your way of becoming a successful trader.
  • It has taken months of hard work and testing to fine-tune this into the cash-making machine it is today.
  • ​As you will see, this is one of the best truly mechanical trading systems ever made.
While it is not automated trading it does make it possible to place highly profitable trades that would now take you hours of research… and it does it in just minutes.
Because it does all the heavy lifting for you…
It uses a vast array of custom one-of-a-kind indicators making it extremely fast to learn and simple to use.
It’s all set up in a way that makes it as simple as telling the difference between red and blue.
You simply line up everything according to color… 
  • If everything is showing blue you know you have a buy trade.
  • ​If everything is showing red you have a sell trade.
It just doesn’t get any easier than that!
Here’s why that is so important…
As I mentioned earlier your worst enemy when it comes to trading profitably is time.
Yet trading without all of this vital confirmation exposes you to a lot of unnecessary risk.
That is why you will use seven unique custom indicators…
So that you can tell at a glance if you have a rock-solid setup that could make you money.
And why this makes it possible to win 8 out of every 10 trades you place.
All without the stress, second-guessing, and emotional decisions that most often lead to a losing trade.
Too often traders let their emotions dictate their trading. 
I get it. It’s hard not to get emotional when your money is on the line.
Emotions - especially greed and fear - are a trader's worst enemy. 
And I have tried for many years to explain that in a way that would help you take emotion out of trading.
Because this is the most important aspect of trading - yet no one seems to be able to overcome it. 
You don’t even like to think about it.
So the only way I know of to do that is to take all emotion out of the game.’

Here’s how…

  • To create a system that is almost 100% foolproof - if you just follow a few simple steps.
  • So you don’t even need to think about greed or fear
  • A system where a complete beginner or a seasoned expert could win 8 out of 10 trades and make the same kind of money in the same amount of time… Which is mere minutes

FX Annihilation Method makes trading both lightning-fast and deadly accurate.

There is no need to second guess anything. When everything lines up you simply take the trade and pocket your profits.
The custom indicators do all of the work for you.
For example, determining support and resistance can be a tedious and time-consuming process.
It's also a playground for emotions like fear and greed.
Support and resistance are important for determining your entry and exit.
Because they represent what the market is thinking.
And knowing what the market is thinking can help you know what it will do next.
FX Annihilation Method makes this easy…
And knowing what the market is thinking can help you know what it will do next.
See the blue horizontal lines on the chart below?
They show you the support levels while the red lines show you resistance.
You will no longer need to guess where support and resistance is.
Because support and resistance levels are determined for you and you can see where they are in about 2 seconds.
This is one more way FX Annihilation Method makes trading accurately lightning fast and massively profitable.
Rules suck and we all hate them.
Yet traders who follow the rules of a good system are the ones who make money consistently.
FX Annihilation Method makes it so that following the rules is as easy as it gets.
If you can tell the difference between red and blue.… Then you could easily and quickly start making cash with this system.
  • It gets you results fast - there is almost no learning curve.
  • ​It may be the simplest-to-follow system ever made.
  • ​If you see this - then do that - and you’re done.
You can easily master the system in a morning or afternoon. 
The zero-fluff manual is so simple to follow you could easily be seeing winning trades with this as soon as tomorrow!
Imagine what that would mean to you…
Where could you be a year from now if you finally made your trading consistently profitable?
Leaving your job?
What would that last day look like? 
Feel like?
You would likely have a big-ass smile on your face.
Maybe - you just want to make some extra cash while at the same time building a big nest egg that can be the fuel behind an amazing retirement.
Or - maybe you are already retired and are looking to make some additional retirement income.
We all are at different points in our journey.
Many of you have been subscribers and customers of ours for many years…
Some for over a decade now.
And you know that we deliver. Always have – Always will.
I’m not going to throw a bunch of statistics at you right now because we have always been 100% transparent and have an impeccable reputation.
We have helped thousands of regular people become better traders who make money and that was our mission from day one. 
And we want to make today the day you finally find a way to make money fast- as in tomorrow- and so consistently you can set a clock to it.
Your winners should be big - your losers should be small – and with an 85.25% win rate that means you could make money on day one.
And keep making money.
Let me show you proof of how well FX Annihilation Method works.
Just look at all these trades…
Live Trades


Click here to watch the video
EURUSD Sell Trade
Click here to watch the video
GBPJPY Sell Trade

Click here to watch the video
EURCAD Sell Trade

Click here to watch the video
EURNZD Buy Trade

Click here to watch the video
EURUSD Sell Trade

Click here to watch the video
GBPUSD Sell Trade

Click here to watch the video
EURUSD Buy Trade

Click here to watch the video
AUDUSD Buy Trade

Click here to watch the video
EURGBP Sell trade

Click here to watch the video
USDCAD Sell Trade

Click here to watch the video
EURUSD Sell Trade

Click here to watch the video

Let’s talk about all the gifts I want to give you today for free...

The biggest and best collection of Forex Profit Tools we’ve ever included!

Including 4 powerful trading systems that are all proven moneymakers.
First – let’s look at the tools in the Trade Mastery Kit…
The 7 tools previously sold as a special purchase package but their real value if purchased separately would be closer to $500.00
It is the ultimate toolkit for any trader looking to fine-tune your trading so you can make more money - faster. 
It contains 7 powerful tools that will help you make more informed trading decisions.

1. The EquiDash Indicator -Value $250.00

This revolutionary tool tells you in an instant whether a currency pair has hit equilibrium and is about to make a move that could make you cash. 
With a full-color read-out, you'll only need seconds to make confirmed trend trading decisions for the most profitable trades regardless of what system you are using.

2. The Trader’s Companion App - Value $250.00

This invaluable tool keeps essential data such as profits, losses, biggest win, biggest loss, average win and performance of each currency you trade.
Information is power in trading, and this makes keeping track of everything a breeze.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader looking to be even more profitable this tool will help you get to your goals faster.

3. The Magic Candlesticks Indicator - Value $250.00

This will detect any candlestick patterns on a chart and show them to you. 
Imagine being able to glance at the candle patterns and instantly know if it’s a bullish or bearish candle pattern.
This is a big-time saver regardless of what system you are using. 
And we’ve already talked about how important time is.
Have you wanted to use Fibonacci but were intimidated because it seems complex?
You will also get.…

4. The Fibo Vector Tool - Value $250.00

This tool will show you the best entry and exit points for any market. It will plot Fibonacci levels on your chart and give you an overall assessment of where the price will likely go soon.
That’s Fibonacci made easy!

5. The Line Trader Indicator - Value $250.00

This revolutionary tool alerts or enters the trade for you once a line (trendline) has been crossed. 
It is perfect for anyone serious about trading Forex but low on time.

6. The Elliot Wave Prophet Indicator - Value $250.00

This automatically calculates the probable levels that the price will reach as it moves in waves on your chart. 
It helps predict the moves of the market using one of the most advanced forms of analysis in trading… the Elliott Wave Theory.

7. The Pivot Crusher - Value $250.00

This app calculates pivot and support resistance levels for four different kinds of pivot points. It uses information for drawing lines to identify areas of support and resistance and is especially useful when trading intraday.
That’s just 7 of the 10 Free Bonuses you will receive today when you grab FX Annihilation Method.

You will also get 3 unique Professional grade trading systems…

All 3 work for beginners, intermediate, and experienced traders.
Best of all they are fast to learn and simple to trade…
  • They all come with comprehensive step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and understand.
  • And come with full tutorial guidance on how to install and use them for maximum profit…

1. P-Tech Trading System - Value $500.00

Introducing the P-Tech Trading System – 

Tailored for traders of all experience levels, the P-Tech Trading System stands as a pinnacle of adaptability, seamlessly aligning with diverse trading styles...

This system offers comprehensive chart examples and trade setups, meticulously laid out in robust materials, ensuring clarity and precision in your trading.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just embarking on your forex journey, the P-Tech Trading System equips you with the essential tools to confidently navigate the markets and achieve profitable outcomes.

At the core of our groundbreaking approach lies a meticulously engineered indicator, designed to give you dynamic insights into trend direction and optimal trading positions.

This innovative system transcends psychological barriers by dispelling fear, confusion, uncertainty, and doubt, enabling you to seamlessly implement its potent strategies across all currency pairs.

Bid farewell to the era of conjecture and ambiguity. With its state-of-the-art indicators and rules, you'll gain access to real-time data and analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly.

2. Better Profits Trading System - Value $500.00

A groundbreaking approach to trading inspired by the revered Japanese methodology of Kagi Charting. 

Harnessing the power of this unique technique, this system offers a fresh perspective on tracking price movements, allowing you to gauge the ebb and flow of supply and demand with unparalleled accuracy across various financial assets and securities. 

Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the game, the Better Profits System equips you with the tools you need to identify trend reversals swiftly and effectively.

At the core of our system are two exclusive custom indicators, carefully crafted to provide early signals of market direction changes, enabling you to seize the opportunities presented by emerging trends with precision. 

With both aggressive and conservative entry methods at your disposal, you'll have the flexibility to tailor your trading approach to your preferences and risk tolerance. 

The simplicity and clarity of the system's rules make it accessible to traders of all backgrounds, while its robust entry and exit strategies ensure you can execute trades confidently and efficiently.

3. Forex Pip Revelation - Value $500.00

This system is a gateway to market mastery

Embark on a trading journey of market enlightenment with Forex Pip Revelation, a user-friendly and pragmatic trading system designed to unravel the intricacies of market dynamics and unleash your trading prowess.

Rooted in fundamental principles, this system harnesses the innate rhythms of the Forex market with uncanny precision, offering you a strategic advantage in your trading endeavors.

At the core of Pip Revelation lies a proprietary indicator, meticulously crafted to decipher market trends and validate price strengths with surgical precision.

By seamlessly integrating this powerful tool into your trading toolkit, you gain the confidence and clarity needed to navigate the markets with ease, identifying optimal entry and exit points to maximize your profits.

From determining trend direction to pinpointing precision entry and exit levels, this system provides you with the strategic insights you need to execute trades with confidence and precision.
  • What I've done for you is hand-pick the best tools and systems that I know are simple to use and highly profitable.
  • Systems designed to save you time and make you money.
  • ​These 3 systems have a value of $1,500.00 and are yours free when you grab your copy of FX Annihilation Method.
That said…
You won’t want to try any of those systems until you have used the FX Annihilation Method.
Because it has been proven to make money fast, with little effort, and consistently.
It might just be the only system you ever want to use once you see how simple and deadly accurate it is.
It is a 100% mechanical system which is the only way you should be trading if you are serious about making a six-figure-a-year income.
What makes it different from other systems is that trading profitably with it takes a fraction of the time of other mechanical systems.
  • It allows you to trade like a professional full-time trader without spending hours in front of your computer.
  • So that you can make the same big returns as a full-time pro… in a few minutes before or after work.
Thanks to the 7 custom one-of-a-kind indicators and how they are used in conjunction with other indicators you get a clear signal when there is cash to be made.
And it is as simple as telling the difference between red and blue.
  • ​The value of all 10 the bonuses alone is $3,250.00.
  • FX Annihilation Method system is easily worth $997.00
That means the total value of everything you are getting today is $4,247.00
But you won’t pay anywhere near that…
You won’t even pay half that…
If you act today, you will get everything for just 
Everything you could ever need to make a consistent six-figure-a-year income trading Forex.
Think about this for a minute…
If you continue doing what you are doing is anything going to change?
We both know it won’t.
If you are still reading this then I already know how important to you it is to finally start making a good living trading.
To have the freedom to do as you please when you please.
  • ​No boss to answer to.
  • No long commutes.
  • ​No one owning you for 40 – 50 – or even 60 hours a week.
This exclusive trading solution is only being made available to 500 traders and only for a very limited time.
The reason I have spent so much time, energy, and money on this is to give you all something that works.
  • ​For all of you who have a real desire to finally make trading the Forex market consistently lucrative…
  • Those who can see how valuable this is to their future as a trader…
Everything you could ever need to make a consistent six-figure-a-year income trading Forex.
Because you will see that this is the solution you have been hoping to find.
That is why this is a short window of opportunity that could easily be gone tomorrow depending on when you are reading this.
I have no interest in spending the next six weeks talking or thinking about this. I have better things to do.
So act today if you can see how this could help you make more money in less time.
The sooner you get started the sooner you could be making big profits.
The size of those profits depends entirely on the size of your account…
And I recommend you never risk more than 3% of it on a single trade.
  • But the % gains should be very similar for everyone who uses the system properly.
  • And this system has a win rate of 80%.
  • ​That means you are winning 8 out of 10 trades.
Your decision to GRAB FX Annihilation Method today is protected with a 3-LAYER “Worry-Free” Satisfaction Guarantee!
Your 1st LAYER of your 100% “Worry-Free” Satisfaction Guarantee!
If within 60 days of trading a live account … you do your part and use the materials as intended and can show that you’ve done everything… and still, never recoup your investment…

All you have to do is to contact us — no stress, no hassle.
Just reach out to me and my team of experienced coaches will personally take you under their wing for at least 30 days to ensure you succeed.
So click the button below and get instant access for only $497.00 now!
Your 2nd LAYER of your “Worry-Free”
Satisfaction Guarantee!
If then, after spending 30 days with the team, you still feel that this is not for you, you also get to keep all the materials you get today, including all the bonus materials, indefinitely.
Your 3rd layer of “Worry-Free”
Satisfaction Guarantee!
You’ll get complete, no-cost access to any additional system in the Tradeology stable, 
worth at least $997 …
No Questions Asked!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
For just $497.00
So Click the BUTTON Below and Get Instant Access NOW!
This guarantee is different.
It’s designed not to let you give up on your dream.
It’s designed to make certain you have everything you need to succeed.
I would be shocked if you ever feel the need to use these guarantees.
Because I am 100% confident that FX Annihilation Method will give you all the tools you will ever need to make massive returns and get you to a six-figure income fast.
And you will find that it takes far less time to trade profitably with it than with any other system I know of.
You’ve seen the proof that this works.
Now it’s your turn to start placing one profitable trade after another and grow your account to heights you never dreamed possible.
  • To start winning trades most every time you sit down to trade.
  • To have your trading be fun and stress-free.
  • ​To finally know you have a way to retire early and enjoy life.
Simply hit that big orange add to cart button and by this time tomorrow… 
You could start making big consistent profits.
If you don’t do this now… then when?
How much longer do you want to be trying to figure this out on your own and not make any money?
How much longer do you want to be frustrated… stressed… tired?
Do you really want to be right where you are today a year from now?
Let me help you by giving you everything you need to become a successful six-figure-a-year trader.
And do it in just minutes whenever you can find a little time to trade.
Please grab this amazing opportunity right now if you are serious about making a living as a trader.
Because it could easily be gone tomorrow... 
This could easily be the last time you ever see this offer of a real helping hand from someone you know and trust.
I’m thinking seriously about retiring soon...
But before I do I want to help as many of my loyal subscribers as I can.
Which is why I spent a massive amount of time and money developing FX Annihilation Method.
I want to give you all something that I know for a fact makes money and works for the long term.
A complete solution that I am confident could make you six or even seven figures a year for many years to come.
But you do need to make a decision soon.
This page might not be here tomorrow.
I may be kicking back and using FX Annihilation Method to make me plenty of fungolas in a few minutes a day…
And I hope you will be with me on that journey.
Because it’s going to be a good one.
Grab this right now and let’s get you making some cash.


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